Market Presence

Our market presence across a number of dimensions provides preferred access for our clients:

Geographic reach

As a group we have offices in London and Cambridge, Boston, New York and San Francisco, Wuhan and Shanghai. We are developing operations in Vancouver, have direct access to India and are currently developing our Asia access. Leaning on our established relationships, clients gain direct access to the top investors across the world.

Sector coverage

Our sector coverage has grown through the influence of our original location: Cambridge UK. This University centric, technology cluster commands a world leading position in biotechnology and IT and the influence rubbed off on us. We specialize in biotech and IT/big data and, by popular demand,  also apply our technology knowledge in these markets to the burgeoning CleanTech sector.

Investor network

We have great VC contacts. However in the current market we generate more value from our Chinese government funding, corporate venture and non-UK investor networks than we do from traditional UK VCs and business angels.

We are also continually extending our market presence. Simon Haworth is a regular speaker, lecturer, author and investor in our key markets. Chairing conferences is a particularly beneficial activity and Simon has led high level sector conferences in London, Geneva and Singapore in the last three years alone.

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