About Us

Team Kapital is a division of Team Ventures Limited which, as a group, sources or supplies financial capital to technology businesses. Operating globally, we have a presence in London and Cambridge in the UK, plus Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai in China, and strong relationships in Boston, New York and Vancouver.

Company History

Team Kapital is a new service within an established business. The business was originally acquired by AIM-listed investment vehicle IPSO Ventures PLC, co-founded by Simon Haworth. Simon stepped back from IPSO in 2010 to seek new markets and new capital, re-established Team Ventures as a private entity and commenced the most important step of the company’s development: accessing China.

The Coronavirus Crisis of 2020 is a watershed moment for many UK companies and we are reacting to requests for advice about China access by pushing forward with the development of our Team Kapital advisory business.

Nicholas Malins-Smith joined Team Kapital in May 2020 as Director of New Business.

Nicholas Malins-Smith Director of New Business

Nicholas Malins-Smith
Director of New Business

Nicholas has a powerful network of connections across the listed company sectors in the UK and brings expertise both as a S&P “AA” institutional fund manager and as a corporate broker/money raiser. This appreciation of the risks and challenges faced by both listed – and increasingly unlisted – companies will assist Team Kapital in matching the needs of its clients with the right business opportunities in China.

My own listed company experience is getting a little rusty,” comments Simon Haworth, “so it is extremely helpful to have Nicholas on board. Our knowledge is complementary and our networks overlap perfectly.


Meet the Founder

Simon Haworth actually started life in the family business. He soon confirmed to himself that a small family concern didn’t make use of his skills and moved on – though not before he had created his first startup, and learned the hard lessons that go with creation of one’s first new venture.

He has since founded or co-founded 11 companies including AIM-listed IPSO Ventures PLC, listed in London.

Simon’s IPSO experience was formative. The 3 co-founders established the business in 2005, raised hedge fund backing in 2006 and achieved a London listing in 2007. “We achieved many of the objectives of a typical growth company within three years and being a Director of a listed PLC was certainly interesting,” says Simon. “I stepped back from IPSO in 2010 when it became clear that the platform didn’t allow me to focus on what I consider to be a key issue for growth companies: accessing China.

Education: BSc , University of Reading. PhD Economics, University of Reading (“The growth of firms”)

Interests: Simon now lives in Hertfordshire and has 4 children. He travels to China around 6 times per year. Personal interests include art and outdoor pursuits – and he deeply regrets giving up polo.

Awards: In 2017 Simon received the People’s Republic of China National Friendship Award from China’s Prime Minister: Premier Li Keqiang. This is the highest honour that can be given to a non-Chinese citizen and was granted to Simon as a result of his Sino-UK trade and investment activities.

Our sister business

Our sister division, DynastyBio, is an investor in its own right.

Dynasty has offices in Cambridge and the now-famous Wuhan, China. Dynasty has invested in a number of UK companies and is currently finalising setup of the Sino-UK Fund with Chinese capital, supported by the Chinese government.

Dynasty investee company Intelligent OMICS Limited continues to develop successfully in China but China engagement hasn’t always been easy. Dynasty set up a second entity in Wuhan in 2013 but remote management of pharmaceutical development projects in collaboration with a Chinese CRO proved to be difficult.

Three projects failed to progress,” remembers Dr Haworth. “At the time we didn’t have enough knowledge of how the local environment worked to run pre-clinical studies and clinical trials remotely. It was a salutary lesson.”

The challenging issues we faced in those early days forced us to review how we engaged with Chinese partners and how we managed projects. The result? A dramatic change in methodology. All the Lessons Learned have now been incorporated in our Team Kapital advisory knowledge book so … in the end … this challenging experience produced a positive result.

The Sino-UK fund is a RMB 400m growth capital fund that invests in UK life science companies accessing China. Team members and Limited Partners are based in Wuhan, Hubei Province, Chengdu, Sichuan Province as well as in Shanghai and Beijing. The fund has significant support from the Chinese government including provision of 30% of fund capital. The fund will commence investment in 2020.

For further information see http://www.dynastybio.com

Note – FSA Regulation: For the avoidance of doubt Team Kapital does not provide investment advice and is not authorised by the Financial Services Authority to conduct investment business. Team Kapital undertakes not to hold itself out as being FSA regulated nor to imply that the parent company Team Ventures Limited is making any public offering of securities. In particular, Team Kapital will not approach any US or Canada-domiciled individuals or entities.